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Tax Mitigation

The Quantum Group helps individuals and families at all levels of wealth minimize their exposure to tax on their earned income, the growth of their assets, and the passing of their assets to the next generation(s).

Estate Planning

Finacial words on white boardYou have worked hard all your life to provide the best for yourself and your family. No matter how large an estate you build, taxes can consume a significant portion of your wealth at death and force the untimely liquidation of an operating business or real estate.

The Quantum Group provides expertise to ensure that our client’s estate is structured in the most tax efficient manner. Our team of experts work with your legal and tax advisors to develop an estate plan that best suits your personal and business goals. Many times, it is as simple as updating a will or creating an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT). Other times, it involves more complex planning techniques.

Income and estate tax laws are constantly changing. Our strategic alliances with the country’s foremost legal and tax experts help us keep you abreast of those revisions that impact your estate plan.


Non-Qualified Plans

IRS 1040 form house and moneyNon-Qualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) plans emerged because of the cap on contributions to Qualified Retirement Plans. High-income earners are unable to contribute the same proportional amounts to their tax-deferred retirement savings as average or low-income earners. Therefore, NQDC plans are a way for high-income earners to defer the actual ownership of income and avoid income taxes on their earnings while enjoying tax-favorable investment growth.

NQDC plans can be established for selected officers and other key employees as a form of fringe benefit not available to the company’s other employees. They are often used as a “golden-handcuffing” device by which key executives will be handsomely rewarded in the future if they remain with the company for a specified number of years, or until retirement age.

You cannot achieve these goals through a traditional retirement plan (assuming you want the tax advantages) because the laws require you to provide benefits that are uniform and that do not discriminate too much in favor of key executives. The best arrangement for accomplishing your goals may be through a NQDC plan.


Asset Protection

The Quantum Group knows that your financial and estate plans are of no use or benefit if potential claimants are able to seize the assets you have acquired. In a world filled with an increasingly high number of legal claims and claimants, it makes sense to take limited additional steps to protect your assets from potential future claims.

Individuals and couples who should consider developing an asset protection plan include:

  • People with high net worth
  • People involved in high risk occupations (i.e., doctors, attorneys, accountants)
  • Fiduciaries (i.e., trustees, guardians, and personal representatives of estates)
  • Corporate CEOs, CFOs, Officers, and Directors
  • Real estate developers
  • People who have sold their businesses
  • People uneasy with a pre-nuptial agreement but want to shield assets from potential claims brought by a spouse


The Quantum Group has surrounded itself with the region’s leading law firms and CPA firms for asset protection planning. With our assistance, these firms develop comprehensive asset protection plans for clients who wish to protect the wealth they have accumulated from the claims of future creditors.